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McGrady is way ahead of schedule in recovery!

Rockets GM Daryl Morey reported yesterday that Rockets guard Tracy McGrady is way ahead of schedule for his return from his surgery. Tracy McGrady was predicted to come back around mid season, but it looks like he will be returning before then. Rockets GM said this:

"He's already playing," Morey said. "I don't think anyone could have predicted he would be playing now. He still has a long way to go. There is a lot of rust to shake off."

If this is true, it sure is good news for the Rockets. We will see if McGrady can return with the same explosiveness he brings every season. If he can that is very good news for the Rockets and McGrady. Yao Ming is already out for the season, and if McGrady can't return with the same explosiveness the Rockets will be in trouble. But if McGrady can they might be fighting for a return to the playoffs, led by Tracy McGrady.

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Fat Lever will guard Pistol Pete. Lever will play off him a bit to limit his penetration as much as possible. We'll do everything we can to try and turn him into a jump shooter and try and slow him down.
I got BASHED for turning Jerry West into a shooter and I learned my lesson, and Pistol Pete was a heck of a shooter so I DISAGREE with this. Don't like the move, I learned my lesson, and you will learn yours. What happens if he starts hitting his shots? You are going to over play him? Then penetration will become a problem... If he hits his shots, then he starts to get going and you have to play him hard and tight, then he will penetrate.

Dumars is going to take Dominique Wilkins. I don't know if I like this move. With a guy that much bigger (According to, Nique: 6 foot 8, 224 pounds, Joe Dumars: 6 foot 3, 195 Pounds), that has to cause problems. But Dumars was a great defender, so that helps him out a bit, but still with a guy athletic like Nique, and he could get to the rim at ease (One of the best dunkers of all time, IF NOT THE BEST), that will definitely cause trouble. I say Nique goes for about 30-35 Points tonight.

Dantley will defend English. Dantley will focus on trying to take away English's jump shot by always putting a hand in his face and playing touch, physical defense.
Reading up on Dantley, he was not a really good defender, and English was a all time great scorer. Dantley was bigger then him, so he could play him physical and put a big frame on him there. Still English should get his points, around 25.

Bob Pettit will defend Mikan. Pettit should do a fine job here. Pettit will do fine on the glass, considering he was a heck of a rebounder and won't let too many 2nd chance points here.

Parish will take Dwight Howard . Once again fine match up on both ends. I think DBD uses the best strategy in boxing him out and not letting 2nd chance points.

When Nash is in the ballgame we will run n gun for most of his minutes. When Lever is at PG, we will slow things down and go into the half court set which will be the following. Using players to there strengths which is good, but FG has a athletic team that can get back and defend the run.

Adrian Dantley will be on the opposite side to Pettit, in the elbow. He'll be our no.2 option on offense and will lok to be as agressive as possible. We will also run a few Iso plays, especially if he gets Dominique, which would be a favourable matchup for us that we can pursue. Where possible he will try to pick up fouls on FG's big men (howard & Mikan ) and penetrate into the teeth of the defense.
I like this for DBD. Adrian could shoot, and has a quick first step, if Dominique over plays, he could get burned but Nique could recover.

Bob Pettit will be option "numero uno" on offense. Like it, he should outscore Mikan so its a bonus for you in this match up.

Pau is basically in their just to fill minutes at C/PF.

Huh??? So a guy thats on the court for 8 minutes will not know what he is doing?

> > > Maravich will run the point. Dwight will come up for the PNR and Mikan will set up in the short corner. Wilkins and English will set up on the wings. On the PNR, we want Pete to A)finish B)pass to Dwight (IF THE DUNK IS OPEN) C)pass to Mikan in the short corner for the easy jumper D)kick to a wing. If the ball is kicked to the wing, we want the two attacking. We'll be ok, if Nique takes a wide open 3, but we'd rather have him attack the basket. W/ English, we want him attacking, but if they give him an open look from mid-range, he's gonna pull up and nail it. Like how you explained it. Only give Dwight the ball if the dunk is open is smart, and let Nique and English attack.

Ok, this game, we're going 10 minutes of the "HELL" set. We're gonna run our tails off, but we're not going 7 seconds or less. The set will be. Parker at PG, Maravich at SG, Battier at SF, Dominique at PF, and Howard at C. You're probably thinking, why Battier and not English? Well, last time, the HELL said had some issues on the defensive end, and we feel like the games current best defender will help with that. Dwight will grab the board and outlet to Parker. Maravich and Battier will streak down to the perimeter along the 3 point line b/c theyre dead eye shooters, and Nique will streak to the hole looking for the dunk. Alright I like this. Maravich should score A LOT here since Fat Lever is laying off him and giving him the shot. Dwight Howard will get some dunks in here using his athleticism, one question I do have is Nique playing the 4. I think Nique should create mismatches on offense against any 4 with his athleticism but on defense he will give up a few, although he will score more than he will give up.

During the HELL set, if we dont get a wide open look off the break, we're going to go into a 4 around 1 offense. Parker at the top, Nique and Maravich on the wings, Dwight at the high post, and Battier will be running from corner to corner and around the perimeter looking for an open 3 (best 42% career39%). We're going to run some PNR with Howard and run it a lot like Orlando runs there. Come off the screen, then kick, then kick around until someone gets an open 3. Preferably Maravich or Battier. In this set, we also want to mix Dominique isolating in as well. Good back up plan. Reads well.......

> > > Dumars will be guarded by the SG. We're gonna stay in his face and dont let him get clean shots off. Good plan... They try and run screens for him to get some shots but your in his face not letting him get his shot off. Looks like your taking his strength away.

> > > Dantley will be guarded by whomever is at SF except in the run n gun lineup where he'll be guarded by Nique. Already explained.

Petit will be guarded by Mikan to start. Hand in face, and stay in front. Don't try and block his shots. Hand in face. During the HELL said, Battier will be on him I don't know if i like Battier on him. He gives up size, and Pettit is there #1 go to guy.

Parish will be guarded by Howard. We want to keep him off the boards and other than that, we arent too worried. If he starts hitting some jumpers, we'll adjust
Well Howard is a great defender so its not a lot your giving up here. If he starts hitting jumpers then I like how you say you will adjust.

Bench: Don't let Tom get any clean jump shot looks and contest Pierce's shot and keep him off that elbow. Ahh I like how you say keep Pierce off the elbow. He likes going there posting up and turning and shooting so I like how you mention this.

We have too much talent around the perimeter and he doesnt have the defenders to stop all 3.
Thats why:

I vote for FG. I believe FG has too many scoring threats. Pistol will have a huge night, Nique should have a big night, and English will have a good night. I believe the only position DBD really will win is with Pettit. I believe, with Nique, Pistol, and English, will have a HUGE night for FG and DBD only really has Pettit and Dantley. Good gameplan BucFan my favorite one to date.
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1st Annual NFL Draft Power Rankings (6 rounds in)

McGradyKid134 Power Rankings:

1. BostonBay44-  Has a good mix of offense and defense. Has the best run game in this tournament so far with Brandon Jacobs and DeAngelo Williams. He then has Antoinio Bryant who put up some great numbers last year. Big Ben will be leading the way for BostonBay44 and should do great since his run offense will definitely be able to set up the pass offense. On the other side of the ball he has Dwight Freeney and Brian Urlacher
2. Cain=CYYOUNG- I personally put him up here just for his Defense. Haynesworth, Seymour, Merriman, Winfield, Suggs, Wilson? What else more could i say Its pretty self explanatory.  This defense is going to make Opposing team owners gameplans be a lot harder. Yes he has no offense right now but there is still good offensive players left on the board. 
3. LAOjoe- Great QB/WR's combo in Rivers/Calvin Johnson/Reggie Wayne. Then he has a great offensive line that can protect Rivers which will open the pass even more. You can say he has a top 3 pass game in the tournament. On the other side of the ball he has Trent Cole and Osi Umenyiora. I think he got a lot of steals in the draft from, Johnson, Wayne, Osi. He can stop the run then air the ball out on the other side. 
4. BucFan34- Defense, Defense, Defense.  He has a great pass rush defense, run defense, and a corner who can shut your wide reciever down in Champ Bailey
5. McGradyKid134- Yes people might say i am bias, but with the most players yet drafted i think i deserve to be up there. Jared Allen, Ray Lewis, Charles Woodson, Shaun Rogers, Robert Mathis, Bart Scott all on the defensive end is scary. This defense is physical and mean  that will hit very hard. Then on the other side of the ball you have T.O and T.J, two good wide outs that will make it a bit easier for any quarterback in the NFL.
6. GoCavs33-  Another owner that went for all defense in the first 6 rounds. You can definitely argue he has one of the best defenses along with Buc and Cain. As i said before there is still good Offensive players left. A defense like this can make a game much easier for a offense and single handily win you ball games. 
7. Kato- The BEST passing game in the tournament. Randy Moss, Steve Smith, Boldin, and then the veteran throwing to them all is Kurt Warner. Looks like this teams offense is going to be one of the best in the tournament but he needs to start picking up defensive players as he is. Aaron Kampman was a great pick and it looks like he will start going for defense here on out. Question is, is it too late?
8. LongHorns4EVER-  Personally this spot was a bit of a toss up to me. But he has a great defense also with, Kevin Williams, Mario Williams, Patrick Kerny. Then he has a good offensive leader in Brian Westbrook that can just about do everything you ask him too.
9. Gtucker- The 2nd best quarterback in the NFL in Peyton Manning is surrounded by complete studs. Frank Gore, Braylon Edwards, Tony Gonzalez. Then Jon Beason on the defensive end. 
10. MiamiHeat3- LT, and Fitzgerald on the offensive end is a great mix of running and throwing. You have arguably the best wideout in the game then one of the best running backs in the game LT. This offense will create problems for any defense (OK maybe not Cains, LOL). Then you got Patrick Willis on the defense. 
11. Lethal Weapons- Michael Turner and Clinton Portis is the 2nd best running attack in the tournament. John Abraham and London Fletcher on defense is not to bad at all.
12.. Rockr259-  Vikings O-Line protecting Palmer is always a good thing for a quarterback. Samuel, Tuck, Sanders on defense is not bad at all. 
13.. VikingFan173-   All Day Adrian Peterson will give any run defense trouble. Then you got Brandon Marshall and Roddy White in the wide out positions. 
14. Jayz- Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the NFL. He will have Wes Welker lined up with him on offense. We have all seen what these 2 can accomplish together. Lance Briggs on defense, but no one else. This team has to start looking for a stratergy cause right now i dont see one? Hopefully owner Jayz has a plan. 
15. BADERSALLTHEWAY- Ed Reed, Vilma on defense is not bad at all. Then Greg Jennings and The Giants O-line protecting whatever QB he drafts is a good thing to hear for the QB to be drafted.
16. UTForever-  No defense yet. I think its too late to start building a defense now. He does have a elite QB/WR offense, with Drew Brees, Andre Johnson, Colston. 
I did these Rankings off the rosters i have in my blog. Hopefully you guys enjoyed all this. Thank you. 

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1st Annual NFL Mock Draft Divisions

Division A: 

lethal Weapons

Division B:


Division C:

Division D:

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Tracy McGradys playoff series

Of Course everyone thinks as Tracy McGrady as a second round virgin. Or a Non-playoff performer, unable to get his team out of the first round. But really should T-Mac be receiving all this criticism? Is it all his fault?

Well i have something to say to this. Lets take a look in deeper to Tracy McGrady's playoff series:

Tracy McGrady In 1999-2000, played along side his cousin Vince Carter for the Toronto Raptors . The Raptors were 45-37 that season, with Vince Carter leading the Raptors with 25.7 points per game, 5.8 RPG, 3.9 APG, and 1 steal, 1 block to go along with that. McGrady played 31 MPG that season averaging 15.4 Points Per game, 6.3 RPG, 3.3 APG, and 1 steal, also almost 2 blocks per game (Career High).

In the Playoffs that season the Toronto Raptors took on The New York Knicks who swept the Raptors 3-0 in the first round. Was that T-Macs fault? Lets take a look: Tracy McGrady averaged 16.7 Points per game , 1 steal, 1 block. Also averaged 7.0 RPG, with 3.0 APG. Lets compare that to how he played in the whole regular season. He was higher in the PPG column, Also in the RPG category. In all the other stastics categories he seemed pretty even. Now lets look at Vince Carters stastics: Averaged 19.3 PPG, 6.3 APG, 6 RPG, also a steal and block. Vince Carter shot 300% from the field after going 465% for the year!? So if you really look in this series who can you blame? Tracy McGrady who played pretty consistent in the playoffs (Or even better) as he did all season? Or the Superstar of the team Vince Carter who averaged nearly less 6 points per game and shot a very bad field goal percentage . If i were to judge who blew this series i would point at Vince Carter,
not Tracy McGrady.

In 2000-2001 McGrady became part of the Orlando Magic , through a sign and trade deal that brang Grant Hill alongside T-Mac, unfortunately Grant Hill was only able to play 4 games due to a Ankle Injury. McGrady emerged as one of the NBA elite Players and also won the most improved player award. 2000-01 the Magic went 43-39 led by Tracy McGrady. McGrady averaged 26.8 PPG, 7.5 RPG, 4.6 APG, and 1 1/2 blocks, and steals. McGrady was teamed up with Darrel Armstrong, Pat Garrity, and Mike Miller .  Which Armstrong in my opinion had the second best season for the Magic next to T-Mac.

In the Playoffs that season the Magic took on the Milwaukee Bucks . The Magic went on to lose that series 3-1. McGrady arguably had one of his best playoffs in his career. He averaged 33.8 PPG, 8.3 APG, 6.5 RPG, 1 1/2 steals, and blocks. McGrady clearly played better than his regular season, and played the best in the first round than any other player in the NBA playoffs that season. Can you blame McGrady here? I definitely don't think you can. I think that the Bucks were just flat out better than the Magic that season considering the Bucks were the 2 seed.

 Coming off Tracy's best season of his career to this year 2001-2002, McGrady and Hill with the Magic were expected to be of the Eastern Conference Elite teams. Once again Hill was limited in games due to injuries. McGrady was forced to be again the 1 man show for the Magic. McGrady was a first team all NBA this year, and a 2nd NBA all star. McGrady averaged 25.6 PPG, 7.9 RPG, 5.3 APG, and 1.6 blocks, with 1 steal. Once again Armstrong and Mike Miller were in my opinion the teams 2nd and 3rd best players.

In the playoffs that season the #5 seed Magic faced the #4 seed Charlotte Hornets . The Magic and McGrady once again lost the series 3-1 while McGrady played yet another great playoff series. T-Mac averaged 30.8 PPG, 6.3 RPG, 5.5 APG, and 1.8 Blocks per game. Can we really blame T-Mac by looking at those numbers? Or can we look at his supporting cast considering of Armstrong, Miller, Garrity. Armstrong averaged more points than he did in the regular season, but in the rebounds and assists category he failed to average as he did all season. Miller disappeared off the face of the Magic in the playoffs averaging 4.8 PPG, 1.3 RPG, 1.3 APG? Miller averaged 15 PPG, 4.3 RPG, 3.1 APG, in the regular season. What happened there? Garrity averaged nearly 4 points less than he did in the regular season, but he averaged nearly 4 more RPG than he did all season. So what happened here? Was McGrady's 30 points per game not enough? I think that should be enough for any team if there supporting cast plays well. My opinion is McGrady's supporting cast was not good enough to get them a win in this series.

Entering the 2002-2003 season McGrady was yet to know that he was going to have one of his best seasons in his career. In the 02-03 season the Magic acquired Gordan Giricek and Drew Gooden For Mike Miller and Ryan Humphrey. In this season McGrady won the NBA Scoring Title averaging 32.1 Points! He shot a good 457% from the field to go along with that. The Magic finished with a 42-40 record that set a match for the Detroit Pistons .

In the playoffs the Magic came in as a #8 seed taking on the #1 seeded Pistons. Suprisingly, the Magic took a 3-1 series lead but failed to hold on! In this series McGrady averaged 31.7 PPG, and 2 steals. Another 30 points performance in the playoffs? And it still is not enough!? How? Gooden had a hell of a series averaging 12 Boards per game! Armstrong averaged the same as he did all season. Giricek did not have a great series by underachieving with 4 less points averaged. Pat Garrity just kind of disappeared only averaging 4 points, 2 rebounds. So once again McGrady averaged 30 points with 6 dimes, 6 boards but that's not enough? What do you guys want him too do? Average 40? Would that be enough? This cant be T-Macs fault, the guy clearly showed up and almost took down the #1 seed.

Coming off his second scoring title in 2003-2004 for the Magic, McGrady was now a member of the Houston Rockets . McGrady was traded to the Rockets along with Juwan Howard , Tyronn Lue , and Reece Gaines for Francis, Cato, and Mobley. McGrady was now teamed up with 7 foot 6 Yao Ming . This season McGrady averaged 25.7 PPG, nearly 6 RPG, 6 APG. Yao Ming averaged 18 PPG, 8 RPG.

The Rockets entered the Playoffs as a Western Conference 5th seed that would set up a match up against the Dallas Mavericks . The Rockets lost this series in 7 games. T-Mac averaged another 30.7 points in this series, along with 7.4 RPG, 6.7 APG. Ming averaged 21 and Nearly 8 Rebounds Per game. The Rockets lost by 40 points in game 7. What went wrong? McGrady had 27 points and 7 rebounds and assists. Yao had 33 and 10. Lets look at the other members of the starting 5. Scott Padget has 3 points and 6 rebounds? Bob Sura had 0 points, 0 rebounds, 1 assist? David Westley has 7 points and 3 rebounds? The Rockets bench combined for 6 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists!? As we all can see, we now know who to blame here. Yao and T-Macs supporting cast did not show up when it counted.

Coming off injury plagued years for T-Mac and Yao in 2005-2006 the Rockets had to regain there top spots in the West. McGrady averaged 24.6 Points, 6.5 APG, 5.3 RPG. Yao averaged 25 Points along with 9.4 Rebounds. The Rockets record finished at 52-30, This would put them at the #4 Seed to face the #5 Utah Jazz in the first round.

In my opinion this was T-Macs best shot to escape the first round of the playoffs. It was the first time T-Mac was favored to win a playoff series. Could they do it? T-Mac failed to do so by losing in game 7. McGrady averaged 25 PPG, 7 APG, 6 RPG. While Yao averaged 25 and 10. In game 7 the Rockets got beat 103-99. The Rockets were unable to stop Memhet Okur from hitting two 3 pointers with a couple mins left. McGrady scored 29 with 13 assists and 5 rebounds. Yao had 29 points and 6 rebounds. They were both overcome by huge nights from Boozer, Okur, Williams. This was definitely the most emotional series T-Mac had ever lost and he showed it in the press conference after with a tear running down his cheek. T-Mac knew he had a golden opportunity and the Rockets let it slip. Could this series be T-Macs fault? I cannot blame this on T-Mac, what i can blame this on is the Jazz just out playing us. Boozer really killed us with his 15 footer that Yao could not come out and guard. And lets face the facts it was just one of those games that just went the other way at the end, because Okur was feeling it.

Entering the 2007-2008 season the Rockets and T-Mac wanted out of the first round. T-Mac averaged 21 points, 6 assists, and 5 boards. Yao unfortunately had a season ending injury and everyone thought T-Mac was not getting out of the first round again. But after Yao went down the Rockets went on a 22 game win streak that would help them have a 55-27 record finishing with the 5th seed in the West.

Entering the Playoffs the Rockets had homecourt advantage but not the higher seed due to the Jazz winning there division. The Rockets lost this series in 6 games but T-Mac had yet another great series. He averaged 27 points, 8 Rebounds, 7 Assists. Can you blame this on T-Mac? I definitely don't think you can considering he led them to a 22 game win streak and also put up great numbers in the playoffs. But without Yao, The Rockets had no other scoring option besides McGrady. McGrady got tired and he could not do it all by himself considering the Jazz through so many weapons at him to just wear him down and make the Other Rockets beat them.

Considering all these playoff series i do not think you can blame it on Tracy McGrady. In the all the playoff series combined McGrady averaged 28.5 Points, Nearly 7 rebounds, and 6.2 assists. Hopefully Tracy McGrady will get out someday and win the NBA finals. But with injuries plaguing his season yet again this 2008-2009 NBA season, by having season ending microfracture surgery. But dont give up on T-Mac just yet as hopefully he will be 100% next season and the Rockets will regain there top spot in the West. With T-Mac, Yao, and Artest next year the Rockets will give it all and oh boy will the NBA feel the power of the Houston Rockets!

"I've got a theory that if you give 100% all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end."- Larry Bird



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Houston Rockets Weekly Preview #2

 The Rockets closed the last week out going 2-1. They dropped one that should of been a win at Memphis. But they had two solid wins against the Timberwolves and Chicago. The Rockets continue to have trouble against struggling teams that we cannot afford to lose to.

Houston now has a 31-20 record for the 4th best record in the Western Conference, and the 2nd best record in the Southwest division behind The Spurs by 3.5 games. Houston looks to close it out before the all star break with two good wins against the Bucks and Kings.

The Rockets will be traveling to Milwaukee for our first of two stops before the break. The Bucks are coming off of two losses, one in overtime to the Pistons. Milwaukee is really struggling without Redd and Bogut. They have really been hurt by injuries recently with Redd, Bogut, and Ridnour all going down for a long span. Jeffersons numbers have really went up since all the injuries. He is there main scorer and we will look to put one of the best defenders in the NBA on him, Ron Artest. Houston is one of the best rebounding teams in the NBA and with Milwaukee not having there leading re bounder Bogut, we should dominate the glass all game. I think Houston wins this one pretty easy with the injuries really affecting Milwaukee. Jefferson will have a good night but nothing special with Artest on him. Look for Yao to have a huge game on the glass. McGrady will have a smaller Charlie Bell on him whom he has 5 inches on. I like that for the Rockets.  Artest and Jefferson will be the star matchup watch. I just don't see Milwaukee beating Houston, they dont have enough fire power and we are just a better team from top to bottom. I pick the Rockets big in this one.

The Kings will be coming to Houston for our last game before the break. Sacramento has the 2nd worst record in the NBA, and being 3-23 on the road does not help them at all. The Kings are the 3rd worst rebounding team in the NBA while the Rockets are the 6th best. Yao should have another big game on the glass. Houston has struggled against bad teams this year but not against this bad of a team. The Rockets should win this one easy. We are a better team plain and simple. The Kings do have a solid star in Kevin Martin but that will not be enough to win on the road in Houston. Houston wins big and will close it out good before the all star break. McGrady will have a okay game, but i think he will have a lot of trouble on the defensive end by having to guard Martin. T-Mac will make it  up on the offensive end though like always.

Houston should finish it out 2-0 for this week and look to go into the break with a 33-20 record. Stay tuned for my mid-season report card on the Rockets at the end of this week. Thank you and enjoy.

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SouthWest Division Goes To..?

Who will win the SouthWest Division? The SouthWest Division is very tight with the Spurs leading the way and the Hornets and Rockets on there back.

1) Spurs- 32-14

2) Hornets- 28-16

3) Rockets- 29-19

4) Dallas- 27-19

5) Grizzlies - 11-35


Who wins the title? Can the Rockets stay healthy and bring home the Division title? Can Chris Paul lead his team to a division title? Or will the veteran Spurs take it home once again. Can Chris Paul lead his team to a division title? What do you think?


I think if the Rockets scenario happens they will bring home the Division but right now it doesnt look to good for them. If the Spurs keep playing like this then the Spurs will be capturing the Division.

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